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Ebil Wibbles

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11 Zelda [May. 27th, 2006|04:25 am]
Ebil Wibbles
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This isn't a traditional wibble, no...just a little presentation of the Zelda gallery over on AdultFanFiction.Net...

The Tracker the Tracking and the Tracked
Ganondorf goes back in time to get his revenge on link, in the present Link starts to disappear,Zelda sends someone to go to the past and save Link.Ganon/Link/Sheik/Young link, Sheik/Link,Link/Zelda Angst,Language,MC,Racist,Slave,Shouta,Minor,Anal,Beast,B

Just look at that first pairing. Seriously, just look at it.

Zelda swallowed by a snake
Zelda is having trouble sleeping, what is also worse is when she finally gets some shuteye, there is a snake slowly eating her and when she reakises it, it is too late. Will Link come and save her? L Z First person experience, M/F,SoloF

This summary made me el-oh-el badly. I didn't read it, but the author has a quicksand fetish, as mentioned below. I can only imagine that Zelda gets some pleasure out of being eaten by a snake. But anyway, that summary is awesome.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Malon Lon Milk
Set two years after OoT. Link helps Malon out on the Lon Lon Ranch... M/F, lactation

I actually read this one, and...erm. Lactation abound. Sometimes I was wondering if Link was even lactating... Ma-Lon Lon Milk, clever...in a disturbed sort of way.

Honorary Incest
Link/Darunia. You read right, GAY LINK/GORON SEX. Link visits Goron City after a late night on Death Mountain. Darunia teaches him to relax... M/M,Anal,Beast,Oral,PWP

Sweet Nayru, all my dreams came true in this one little story...(not).

A Hero's Trusty Steed
Link finds himself intimately involved with his horse in the worst way. Covered in her scent, a pair of stallions from the ranch feel the need to pass on their genes... M/M/M,Beast

Believe it or not, this actually isn't the first Link/horse story I've had the pleasure of coming across...

Fire, Ice and Lust
Wind Waker. For Link to continue, he needs the Magic Arrows. The Fairy Queen wants something too.. (Orig Title, Fire Ice and Sex) M/F,Lemon,Minor

shawnaduck made an icon that would go well with this story, I believe...

Sex Knows No Species!
In response to a challenge, a certain young maiden gets it on with..a horse?! ^__^ Beast

Now all the fandom needs is a Link/Malon/horse threesome and we're set.

Sweet Blue
Link Ruto; The Hero of Time finally returns to Hyrule, an empty feeling within hea heart. A forgoten promise looms in his mind- will fulfilling it make him complete?

Sadly, Link/Ruto isn't something you see every day...(if at all).

|\/|1 F1r$t $t0r1 3\/3r>
BEST description of Fin-Sex EVER. Link/King Zora M/M,Parody,Lime,Shonen- Ai,Beast,Minor,Oral,Ped,PWP

Link gave King Zora a giljob.
King Zora liked what Link did to him.
~ Boobies
Author's Note:
kDkkdssd jsdfs Jjieall Ilana dkjd skd akjdkjfdd djdf akjdjl fkdjf The world is a wonderful place gay sex all abound. I love it so much. Blah blah blahblah. Gay sex.

That's the story, actually, right there. And it is awesome.

Zelda and Malon in quicksand 'fighting over Link'
Link takes Zelda and Malon into the lost woods for a camping trip so both girls would get allong on friendly terms, but it all goes horribly wong Language,Shojo-Ai

“Malon!” shrieked Zelda. “The quicksand is rising to my breasts, please don’t let it take them.”
Slowly without saying anything, Malon put her hands onto Zelda’s breasts and began to rub her nipples.
Zelda opened her mouth wide and looked to the sky as Malon gave her the ultimate sensation that a woman could have.
“OH GOD, YOU’RE SOO GOOD” Zelda screamed as she continued at gasp for air.

There are so many words I could say about this, but I have no idea where I'd even begin... Hopefully that wrongish sort of laughter will suffice.

Link's Trip to the Graveyard
OoT Young Link...now thats what I call a sticky situation Angst,Language,Racist,M/M/M,Shouta,Minor,Anal,Beast,DP,Lemon,N/C,Nec,Oral,Tort

A tale of a boy and his fairy….. and sodomy
The Redead’s entire body started to shake, moaning its pelvis was swaying back and forth. There was a violent moan and the something erupted forth from the pelvis. Link was taken back trying to look away, his aversion allowed him to see second Redead shambling forward hands outstretched. The cold leathery hands brushed the skin of Link’s inner thigh the fingers inching north. The Redead firmly grasped the skirt and with a loud tear, ripped the entire tunic in two. Link shivered in the cold as the Redead brandished its newly grown appendage. Link felt his face grow red with embarrassment squirming in the Redeads grip, desperate to cover his form.
Suddenly, the Redead spun him around so he was facing the other way, at the several other abominations crowded around him. Horrified, he felt the monster’s undead penis brushing against his anus and tried to push it away, but another Redead grabbed his hands and held them out in front of him in an iron grip. He couldn’t believe how strong they were, despite looking thin and futile.
Link gasped in pain and shock as huge undead cock was thrusted into him, and for just a second, he felt that he needed to go to the bathroom very badly, then it was only pain. The cock continued its path into Link, his anus was stretched farther then he could ever imagine, it felt like his entire body was about to tear in two. A moan from in front of his face was all that warned him as a second redead penis hovered near his mouth. This close Link could smell the rancid stench of rot, and could see the sheer size of it. The nausea from before rose up and he threw up all over the disgusting phallus. This did nothing to discourage the monster and before he could even scream, his mouth was forced open by unseen hands and the cock pushed inside and down his esophagus. Link heard a snap and his jaw resisted no more, he could feel it hanging loosely, as the vomit covered dick started to pump into his skull. Just the acrid taste alone was enough to encourage more bile to rise but Link thought it wise to suppress it.
Link was being pounded on both sides and a strange sense of rhythm started to take place. Link realized then that he was crying, he didn’t know when he had started but the tears reminded him of Navi.

The first two Redead had already cum their dusty semen into his body and were now helping to hold him as two more pounded him from both ends. Hot tears streamed down his face and his throat was raw from screaming every time it wasn’t getting fucked. The undead cocks were like sandpaper, and tore into the walls of his anus and throat. The floor around Link’s ass was wet with blood, and every time the Redead fucking his mouth withdrew he would cough up more blood. The monsters that were not violating him were beating him with rocks from the floor of the tomb, leaving bloody lumps and bruises on his supple young form.
Link head felt heavy and the room was going dark. The pain reseeded into an echo, he heard a faint pop of a bottle. It didn’t matter, Link was eager for the blackness, to wash over him and end this torture. But it wouldn’t happen he was being jerked back to consciousness. The glowing blue light of a fairy he had been keeping in his tunic bathed him and healed his wounds. But it was unwanted healing. Link longed for the cold embrace of death. This would only prolong his suffering. Link tried to cry for the fairy to stop, but it kept going, as if unaware of his predicament. The fairy then flew out of the tomb satisfied with a job well done. Now the dullness brought on by his near death was gone and the pain was strong again. Link remembered that he had three more bottled fairies in his tunic for emergencies.
It was going to be a long night.

I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't my favorite story on AdultFanFiction.Net and that I wasn't horribly traumatized while reading. Thanks to this, I have ReDead/Link on the brain.