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Ebil Wibbles

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[1 Tokyo Babylon/X Fic] [Jul. 3rd, 2005|04:37 am]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |soresore]
[music |X Character File OST - Nekoi Yuzuriha]

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Fic: Fallen Angels
Author: Hatori Soma
Gag Reflex?: You betcha!
General Impressions: I knew it was badfic, yet I read anyway...
Length: Three unfinished chapters

I read some fic a long time that was AU, where Subaru was in an abusive relationship with Seishirou, and Kamui had sort of a bad connection with Fuuma. The two of them (Subaru and Kamui) meet on a train...? Does that sound familiar to anyone? Hmmm. Anyway, Fallen Angels kind of reminded me of it, though I actually liked the AU one.

I guess I was kind of asking for it with this one, purposefully looking for X badfic...and with Fallen Angels, oh did I find it. The author, Hatori Soma, actually writes with clarity and coherency, but the content of her writing...that's what makes me want to gag and laugh. It's in Subaru's voice, which happens to be like sliced cheese (flat and, uh, cheesy). I really shouldn't be reading this fic because it makes me snarky and evil, but that's what ebil_wibbles is for, after all.

First off, the premises: Subaru and Seishirou are living together in 1999 during the whole spiel, happily engaged and in love. (That right there had me think evilly: Seishirou beats his new bride, hahaha.) Kamui is not happy, however, having recently been raped by Fuuma. (My boyfriend beats me.)

I'm sorry, but the whole them getting married and being so happy and loving about it really made me gag (not even going to get into the whole gay marriage/open-minded fangirl thing), nevermind the fact that Seishirou is horribly out of character. He might have had a chance at being in character if the author had spurn an extremely convincing backstory, but as it stands, POOF. They're in love and canon never happened. True, the author does state in the notes (which present her/his opinion that Yuzuriha should have died sooner...wtf?) that this is AU-ish and OOC-ish, but still, you know? Bah. Oh well.

But I swear, despite all that, Seishirou calling Kamui "poor thing" in all serious sympathy should never happen. Ever.

And chapter two was stupid and pointless. Subaru's job, ohhhh big whoop. The little kid being called Hokuto was confusing (meaning the narration sucked at that part). But anyway, the part that had me up in arms was this: ...he [Seishirou] then went to his motorcycle...

Because we all know that SUBARU rides a motorcycle, DUH, Hatori Soma. Get it right, biatch ;D Stupid little in-joke (biker!Subaru) because it's getting late (early) and I suck!

Chapter three was full of sliced cheese, as usual. The narration's supposed to be engaging or something because ooh, Dragon of Earth = Danger, but it's still just terribly boring, flat, and bland. I mean, Fuuma violently molesting Kamui and yawn, oh I'm sorry, what was that? And in chapter three is the introduction of a great breach in canon. But whatever. You can't really expect much out of a fic like this that's just plain...bad.

And there's some kid masquerading as Keiichi. No really, who is he?

Anyway, rather than the actual story and content, I guess my main problem is its cheese and how it makes me want to gag (because it's smelly! :D - oh shush I've made worse jokes on here before). And how boring and bland the author writes things. So it's not one major thing that makes this fic bad, it's a lot of little stuff put together.

But oh god, why am I wasting my life on this?

[User Picture]From: mefiant
2005-07-04 02:09 am (UTC)
Omg, the betrayal of biker!Subaru! The travesty! And nice!Sei? *growls incoherently*

Well, it's late/early for me too, and I'm in immense amounts of pain that I don't know why I have it, so I'll stop now. Maybe I'll read the fic at some point. I could use a laugh.

P.S. Hatori Soma? biker!Su pwnz ur soulXX0r!
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From: ryutsuki
2005-07-04 02:14 am (UTC)
pwnage, indeed. You should finish teh unholy OT3 in protest ;)
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[User Picture]From: mefiant
2005-07-07 10:52 pm (UTC)
Teh smut is being awkward.

But I read the fic, because I am stupid, and Oh My God! It hurt me deep inside, and not in that good way. And now I feel evil, because I kept thinking it was like Kouri!fic but with crappy plot. And less emo, I guess.
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From: ryutsuki
2005-07-07 10:58 pm (UTC)
XD It WAS! Decent!plot is the only thing that saves Kouri's fics, I swear...
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[User Picture]From: mefiant
2005-07-08 10:47 am (UTC)
*sudden urge to reread Ashes*

*struck by terrible image of S/Ker!Kouri*
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