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Ebil Wibbles

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[1 Tokyo Babylon/X fic] [Mar. 13th, 2005|02:49 am]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Yoko Kanno [X Character File] - Kasumi Karen]

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Fic: Sakura and Snow
Author: Natalie Baan
Characterization: This is certainly a refreshing and interesting take on Seishirou! I like.
General Impressions: Wow, this is good and detailed...
Length: 16 Chapters plus a few Drifts, unfinished

Good sex scenes, but not the best in the world? Is that where I want to start from? The sex?

Okay, the sex.

It's sex. Yay. But it's also vaguely flowery and purply, sort of, which is kind of what the overall narrative style is. Sort of.

The narrative. Yeah, it can be confusing at times because it jumps around. But it's good and draws you in, which makes you forget about the length.

The length. The 16 chapters are looong and take a while to read, but you won't even notice the time pass, which may be a bad thing if you're popping this into your schedule before you have to go somewhere.

In a way, this reminds me of Thing with it's overall mood, what it does to you, how it absorbs you and makes you think. It's good, definitely one of the best long S/S fics out there.

Anyway, the overall plot could be summed as this: Subaru wants to die, but Seishirou decides that that would be lame so he makes him want to live and then they have sex and Subaru wants to stay with him, but Subaru confuses Seishirou throughout the entire fic because he's in love and Sei-chan's stupid and doesn't understand.

It kind of goes on without any real aim, though, after Seishirou makes the real, final decision that Subaru can stay. Though I enjoyed reading, I lost sight of where it was going overall. Most likely til the final day, but the sheer length and domesticity of it combined with the sex is a bit distracting.

I wish the sex had been more detailed, but I'm a perv like that. Well, I take that back, Exchange was good and detailed, quite amazing actually.

There was something that made me laugh while reading, but I forgot what it was...d'oh. Okay, well, while it's not hilarious or a crack fic by any means whatsoever, there are a few amusing spots. Like that thing I forgot.

Yeah, you know, that thing.


I shouldn't wibble anything in the wee hours of the morning.

It ain't a proper wibble anyways 'cause the fic doesn't suck.

If it sucked I could go OMGWIBBLE.

Or something.