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1 Zelda Badfic, Three Year Anniversary Edition! [Oct. 24th, 2006|11:48 am]
Ebil Wibbles
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[mood |amusedcelebrating]
[music |Sonic Youth - What A Waste]

Twenty years ago today, I was born. But more importantly, three years ago today, my favorite Zelda badfic was born as well:

Faded Illusions by TiresiaS

I've wibbled this one before, but I decided that it was so great that it had to be done again. Three year anniversary and all...

This gem starts out with one of the greatest openers ever: He made love to me last night. I don't know how it happened but it did. Then the rest of the first chapter is basically Link remembering how Sheik made love to him (though he doesn't know how it happened), and then Sheik betrays him. The way I figure it Link must have been drugged, having an out-of-body experience, or just plain wasn't there.

    Link comes home from saving the world to a voice mail message from Sheik...
    Hey Link, it's Sheik. I made love to you last night. Where were you? Call me back so we can schedule a time for when I can betray you. Thanks, bye!
Other notable things about this fic is its abundance of worm breaths and penuses.


    I sighed the worm breath caressed my body as I now found myself standing waiting, for him.

    He bent down on one knee behind me, placing his rough hands on my shoulders leaving traces of his worm breath on my neck.
and finally

    Ever so slowly I unbuttoned it, letting his penus fall into my hands.
I daresay no further commentary is needed. Yes, this fic is that great.
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11 Zelda [May. 27th, 2006|04:25 am]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |shockedshocked]
[music |The Dandy Warhols - Nietzsche]

This isn't a traditional wibble, no...just a little presentation of the Zelda gallery over on AdultFanFiction.Net...

The Tracker the Tracking and the Tracked
Ganondorf goes back in time to get his revenge on link, in the present Link starts to disappear,Zelda sends someone to go to the past and save Link.Ganon/Link/Sheik/Young link, Sheik/Link,Link/Zelda Angst,Language,MC,Racist,Slave,Shouta,Minor,Anal,Beast,B

Just look at that first pairing. Seriously, just look at it.

Zelda swallowed by a snake
Zelda is having trouble sleeping, what is also worse is when she finally gets some shuteye, there is a snake slowly eating her and when she reakises it, it is too late. Will Link come and save her? L Z First person experience, M/F,SoloF

This summary made me el-oh-el badly. I didn't read it, but the author has a quicksand fetish, as mentioned below. I can only imagine that Zelda gets some pleasure out of being eaten by a snake. But anyway, that summary is awesome.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Malon Lon Milk
Set two years after OoT. Link helps Malon out on the Lon Lon Ranch... M/F, lactation

I actually read this one, and...erm. Lactation abound. Sometimes I was wondering if Link was even lactating... Ma-Lon Lon Milk, clever...in a disturbed sort of way.

Honorary Incest
Link/Darunia. You read right, GAY LINK/GORON SEX. Link visits Goron City after a late night on Death Mountain. Darunia teaches him to relax... M/M,Anal,Beast,Oral,PWP

Sweet Nayru, all my dreams came true in this one little story...(not).

A Hero's Trusty Steed
Link finds himself intimately involved with his horse in the worst way. Covered in her scent, a pair of stallions from the ranch feel the need to pass on their genes... M/M/M,Beast

Believe it or not, this actually isn't the first Link/horse story I've had the pleasure of coming across...

Fire, Ice and Lust
Wind Waker. For Link to continue, he needs the Magic Arrows. The Fairy Queen wants something too.. (Orig Title, Fire Ice and Sex) M/F,Lemon,Minor

shawnaduck made an icon that would go well with this story, I believe...

Sex Knows No Species!
In response to a challenge, a certain young maiden gets it on with..a horse?! ^__^ Beast

Now all the fandom needs is a Link/Malon/horse threesome and we're set.

Sweet Blue
Link Ruto; The Hero of Time finally returns to Hyrule, an empty feeling within hea heart. A forgoten promise looms in his mind- will fulfilling it make him complete?

Sadly, Link/Ruto isn't something you see every day...(if at all).

|\/|1 F1r$t $t0r1 3\/3r>
BEST description of Fin-Sex EVER. Link/King Zora M/M,Parody,Lime,Shonen- Ai,Beast,Minor,Oral,Ped,PWP

Link gave King Zora a giljob.
King Zora liked what Link did to him.
~ Boobies
Author's Note:
kDkkdssd jsdfs Jjieall Ilana dkjd skd akjdkjfdd djdf akjdjl fkdjf The world is a wonderful place gay sex all abound. I love it so much. Blah blah blahblah. Gay sex.

That's the story, actually, right there. And it is awesome.

Zelda and Malon in quicksand 'fighting over Link'
Link takes Zelda and Malon into the lost woods for a camping trip so both girls would get allong on friendly terms, but it all goes horribly wong Language,Shojo-Ai

“Malon!” shrieked Zelda. “The quicksand is rising to my breasts, please don’t let it take them.”
Slowly without saying anything, Malon put her hands onto Zelda’s breasts and began to rub her nipples.
Zelda opened her mouth wide and looked to the sky as Malon gave her the ultimate sensation that a woman could have.
“OH GOD, YOU’RE SOO GOOD” Zelda screamed as she continued at gasp for air.

There are so many words I could say about this, but I have no idea where I'd even begin... Hopefully that wrongish sort of laughter will suffice.

Link's Trip to the Graveyard
OoT Young Link...now thats what I call a sticky situation Angst,Language,Racist,M/M/M,Shouta,Minor,Anal,Beast,DP,Lemon,N/C,Nec,Oral,Tort

A tale of a boy and his fairy….. and sodomy
Traumatization at its finestCollapse )
I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't my favorite story on AdultFanFiction.Net and that I wasn't horribly traumatized while reading. Thanks to this, I have ReDead/Link on the brain.
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[Legend of Zelda] [May. 8th, 2006|11:11 pm]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |coldcold]
[music |The High Violets - 44 Down]

Series: The Legend of Zelda
Fic: Act I: Trial of a Man
Author: H7
Disillusionment and Frustration: Much!
General Impressions: Wait...wait, what is this???

After going into Aceilux (by Wyna Hiros) withdrawal, I was like omg! I need long Shink fic! So, behold FanFiction.Net's handy search by length and character feature; I started reading "Act I: Trial of a Man".

...a week later...

When you start reading, it's like you're not even reading a Zelda fic. There's Final Fantasy VIII characters, Final Fantasy VIII universe...where's the Zelda? But oh wait, there's Link...except he's not really Link. But he is. ...But he's still not. But oh well. And then there's Malon, Dark Link, and Sheik! But there's really not, so let's just move on with the confusion shall we. There's this third gaming universe drawn in early to the story that I have no idea about - Diablo 2? - but it sounds really interesting anyway. I didn't like FF8's role in the story, but I liked D2. Go figure. Oh yeah, did I mention that it's a crossover? A fucking long crossover? I usually avoid these things like the plague, but for some reason I was drawn into this story against my will...and I just could. not. stop reading. One of those things. It was awful.

Anyway, the plot.

If you don't want to waste hours reading to find out what happens, by all means click hereCollapse )

After spending almost a week reading fifty-nine pages of a never-ending quest and that, I, amazingly, have one and only one question burning in my mind:

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Comm pimp! [Apr. 29th, 2006|05:57 pm]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |hopefulhelpful]

Sadly, no wibbling yet again. Instead, a fic community pimp: shitty_fanfic. I might be reposting some of my wibblings there ^^
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Huh... [Apr. 19th, 2006|12:12 pm]
Ebil Wibbles
[Current Location |Shepherdstown, West Virginia]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |the lovely sound of construction...ahh!]

I guess I just haven't been reading stab-out-my-eye!-worthy fanfiction, so if anyone has a recommendation for me to wibble...

I'd try my hand at "My Inner Life", but I fear my brain will explode if I read it again.
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[1 Tokyo Babylon/X Fic] [Jul. 3rd, 2005|04:37 am]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |soresore]
[music |X Character File OST - Nekoi Yuzuriha]

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Fic: Fallen Angels
Author: Hatori Soma
Gag Reflex?: You betcha!
General Impressions: I knew it was badfic, yet I read anyway...
Length: Three unfinished chapters

I read some fic a long time that was AU, where Subaru was in an abusive relationship with Seishirou, and Kamui had sort of a bad connection with Fuuma. The two of them (Subaru and Kamui) meet on a train...? Does that sound familiar to anyone? Hmmm. Anyway, Fallen Angels kind of reminded me of it, though I actually liked the AU one.

I guess I was kind of asking for it with this one, purposefully looking for X badfic...and with Fallen Angels, oh did I find it. The author, Hatori Soma, actually writes with clarity and coherency, but the content of her writing...that's what makes me want to gag and laugh. It's in Subaru's voice, which happens to be like sliced cheese (flat and, uh, cheesy). I really shouldn't be reading this fic because it makes me snarky and evil, but that's what ebil_wibbles is for, after all.

First off, the premises: Subaru and Seishirou are living together in 1999 during the whole spiel, happily engaged and in love. (That right there had me think evilly: Seishirou beats his new bride, hahaha.) Kamui is not happy, however, having recently been raped by Fuuma. (My boyfriend beats me.)

I'm sorry, but the whole them getting married and being so happy and loving about it really made me gag (not even going to get into the whole gay marriage/open-minded fangirl thing), nevermind the fact that Seishirou is horribly out of character. He might have had a chance at being in character if the author had spurn an extremely convincing backstory, but as it stands, POOF. They're in love and canon never happened. True, the author does state in the notes (which present her/his opinion that Yuzuriha should have died sooner...wtf?) that this is AU-ish and OOC-ish, but still, you know? Bah. Oh well.

But I swear, despite all that, Seishirou calling Kamui "poor thing" in all serious sympathy should never happen. Ever.

Chapter two!Collapse )

Chapter three!Collapse )

Anyway, rather than the actual story and content, I guess my main problem is its cheese and how it makes me want to gag (because it's smelly! :D - oh shush I've made worse jokes on here before). And how boring and bland the author writes things. So it's not one major thing that makes this fic bad, it's a lot of little stuff put together.

But oh god, why am I wasting my life on this?
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[X] A Perfect Circle by Trench Kamen (x-posted...haha) [Apr. 16th, 2005|10:58 pm]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Eve 6 - Inside Out]

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Fic: A Perfect Circle
Author: Trench Kamen
Favorite: The love letter. Definitely the love letter.
General Impressions: Why do I love this so much?
Length: Sixteen long and glorious chapters, unfinished

"Who knows. Maybe Kamui and Subaru will elope and be in Hawaii by this time next week. Maybe they’ll live happily ever after in a house with a white picket fence and three kids. Kamui would make a lovely housewife."

Disturbingly funny snippets from A Perfect CircleCollapse )

Anyway, this fic, A Perfect Circle by Trench Kamen, isn't something I should feel head-over-heels in love with, but I am. It's...off. Vaguely reminiscent in style in something I read long ago - nothing concrete, just the air - and the writing itself... I'm really enjoying it though I think that I should feel that some parts and people are totally out there. There's just something about this that I really enjoy, and I can't explain clearly why. Any help? Of course, I loved Subaru trying to write a love letter to Kamui earlier in the fic; it didn't seem like him, but it really was perfect. Very, very entertaining.

I think that's it. Some of the stuff mentioned quite clearly conveys an idea and makes you think, while some of the stuff is just plain funny. The dialogue is good as a whole and so is the writing, though you can quite clearly pick out a few typos that the author neglected to see. In that respect, it reminds me of my own writing! Ah well, bad, bad. Anyway, it's quite forgiveable. The fact that the chapters were semi-lengthy and there were 10+ of them made me happy because...well, I'm really enjoying this!

To get to the point, there's just...something about this fic that I can't quite put my finger on. Something...indefineable? Indescribeable? Elusive? Am I just inarticulate today?

I suppose the point could be that I really like it, and I can't clearly express why. Someone read it and help me out here, please! :) A reviewer, Adrienne, hit close with: One thing I noticed very early on is how real and convincing the characters' thoughts and dialogue are. The love letter, even, yes the love letter. Hikari Kage did, too, in her review of chapter three.
I have had several readers tell me how off-base and "weird-feeling" this work is, which was the flavor for which I was aiming. Wasn't this what I had been running around in circles trying to describe? (From TrenchKamen's ff.net profile)

Swishy is, like, my new favorite word, by the way. On another note, I'm not ruling anything out when it comes to Seishirou. Truth or lie? It could go either way, I suppose. Very gripping anyway. And his driving in chapter fifteen reminded me severely of setospuppyjou's father...

On another, very related subject: Myth-Busting the One-Eyed Monster. Oh God, I can't get enough of the eye jokes...! Actually very informational.
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[1 Tokyo Babylon/X fic] [Mar. 13th, 2005|02:49 am]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Yoko Kanno [X Character File] - Kasumi Karen]

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Fic: Sakura and Snow
Author: Natalie Baan
Characterization: This is certainly a refreshing and interesting take on Seishirou! I like.
General Impressions: Wow, this is good and detailed...
Length: 16 Chapters plus a few Drifts, unfinished

Good sex scenes, but not the best in the world? Is that where I want to start from? The sex?

Okay, the sex.

It's sex. Yay. But it's also vaguely flowery and purply, sort of, which is kind of what the overall narrative style is. Sort of.

The narrative. Yeah, it can be confusing at times because it jumps around. But it's good and draws you in, which makes you forget about the length.

The length. The 16 chapters are looong and take a while to read, but you won't even notice the time pass, which may be a bad thing if you're popping this into your schedule before you have to go somewhere.

In a way, this reminds me of Thing with it's overall mood, what it does to you, how it absorbs you and makes you think. It's good, definitely one of the best long S/S fics out there.

Anyway, the overall plot could be summed as this: Subaru wants to die, but Seishirou decides that that would be lame so he makes him want to live and then they have sex and Subaru wants to stay with him, but Subaru confuses Seishirou throughout the entire fic because he's in love and Sei-chan's stupid and doesn't understand.

It kind of goes on without any real aim, though, after Seishirou makes the real, final decision that Subaru can stay. Though I enjoyed reading, I lost sight of where it was going overall. Most likely til the final day, but the sheer length and domesticity of it combined with the sex is a bit distracting.

I wish the sex had been more detailed, but I'm a perv like that. Well, I take that back, Exchange was good and detailed, quite amazing actually.

There was something that made me laugh while reading, but I forgot what it was...d'oh. Okay, well, while it's not hilarious or a crack fic by any means whatsoever, there are a few amusing spots. Like that thing I forgot.

Yeah, you know, that thing.


I shouldn't wibble anything in the wee hours of the morning.

It ain't a proper wibble anyways 'cause the fic doesn't suck.

If it sucked I could go OMGWIBBLE.

Or something.
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[Tokyo Babylon] Reversal [Dec. 16th, 2004|11:05 pm]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |SSH - Waterfront]

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Fic: Reversal
Author: Kouri Arashi
Characterization: ...Dude, where'd she hide my Seishirou?
General Impressions: Hey, this is pretty cool.
Length: Ten chapters plus an epilogue

By the way, if the fic link doesn't work, just use the author one. I had to kind of guess since I saved it all offline then deleted the first chapter once I was done with it...

Kouri Arashi has an almost legendary status among X and Yami no Matsuei fans. Not only is she a prolific writer (yay! or boo! depending on if you like her or not), but her plots are unique and well carried out.

Her characterization however... Well, to each his/her own, I suppose.

When I was on an X kick a few years ago, I read this and fell in love (especially with the sequel, Loyalties), but when I read it just last night...yeah, some parts were still kick-ass cool, like this part: Subaru was devoted to preventing the misuse of omnyoujitsu. Seishirou was the misuse of omnyoujitsu. Talk about a match made in Hell., but I noticed for the first time what others had criticized her on.

OMFG it's adolescent!Seishirou! Only not.

Anyway. The plot is good and the fic takes you in up until the last few parts because then...it just kind of gets lame or something. Don't get me wrong, I really like the fic, but the end, with the beginning and middle being so awesome...

The plot? Oh. Cut because...yeahCollapse )

A random comment in which I give away an important event at the end...Collapse )

It's a good read if you're on a kick for a long story that has Subaru and Seishirou getting together Happily Ever After in the end, to, you know, soothe the Angst of the series. But beware, it'll take a couple of hours to read, and you won't have even realized those hours have passed...

This is random, but I liked Atropos (the X/Yami no Matsuei crossover she has). I think I'll go read it again...
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1 Zelda fic [Sep. 12th, 2004|04:59 pm]
Ebil Wibbles
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |SSH - Golden Field]

A repost of that bad post from before...

Series: The Legend of Zelda
Fic: On the Merits of Stealth
Author: wyna_hiros
Non-retardedness: Quite non-retarded indeed
General Impressions: Kyaa!
Length: One-shot PWP

Wyna is one of those authors that you can always trust to write something good. As always, I love the artistic indents she uses, and the overall style and voice of the piece. It's direct and to the point with little unnecessary embellishment, and I believe that's perfect for a fic like this. The only bad thing I can say about it, though, is that the sentence variety is a little off, but I always complain about that, so it's to be taken with a grain of salt.

...A standard fact for all of Wyna's fics that I've read seems to be that the Forest Temple is one of the later temples. I wonder why?

Anyway, basically said, after watching him emerge battered from another temple, Sheik instructs Link on, well, the merits of stealth and the Sheikah way (which would be...uh...said stealth). Then later on, Link displays his Mad Stealth Skillz, and they proceed to have hot monkey sex (or something). It's so random and totally pointless.

I love it!
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